What The Landman Does

The Landman is responsible for the following:

Researching and determining mineral ownership, leasehold ownership, and surface ownership

  • Reporting information requested by clients to prepare Oil and Gas prospects for drilling
  • Preparing runsheets for the preparation of drill site title opinions
  • Acquiring curative documents necessary to clear title requirements
  • Negotiating surface damages and easements with surface owners
  • Obtaining damage releases from surface owners
  • Negotiating pipeline ROW’s and easements with surface owners
  • Preparation of unit designations, exploration agreements, participation agreements, assignments and other related legal documents with assistance from attorneys as required
  • To enable a client to drill oil and/or gas wells, build pipelines, construct roads, or drill pads the Landman must acquire Oil, Gas & Mineral Leases, Right of Way (ROW) Agreements, Surface Use Agreements, and other related agreements from the appropriate parties.


The Landman is in charge of the acquisition of oil, gas and surface rights from companies and individuals.

The Landman negotiates with the mineral owner and/or surface owner and presents an agreement for the parties to sign.

The Landman works directly with the mineral owner and/or surface owner whether the owner is a farmer, rancher or professional mineral owner.

The Landman conducts research of mineral and/or surface ownership at the county court house or local tax office to determine the correct owners and to get the correct description and location of the property.

The Landman needs to be a good communicator, with the proper understanding of mineral and surface ownership in numerous states, and must also be a good negotiator.

Good research skills and a basic legal knowledge are
important to the Landman in order to accomplish
the needs of the client in an efficient manner.